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Business Dhronacharya International Business Council is hosting the 'Startup Fundraising Yatra in Dubai' on 30th May, 2024. This event offers startup founders the chance to explore funding opportunities, accelerate their careers, and increase market capitalization through international investors. Interested individuals are encouraged to read the webpage for more information and complete the "Founders KYC form" to provide a better understanding of their startup business.

Navigating the Journey: 

Roadmap to Attend the 'Startup Fundraising Yatra in Dubai'

Level -1

It is important to read all the information on the landing page and complete the Founder's KYC Form NOW. An executive will contact you soon to provide further details about the registration process. Registration for the Dubai event will close on 20 DAYS before the event date.

Level -2

Enrolled participants of the Dubai Fundraising Yatra Event will be invited to attend two live sessions scheduled for the second and third week of May 2024. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to prepare and refine your startup pitch presentation under our expert guidance.


Get ready to make an impact! Your startup pitch will be shared and circulated within the esteemed investors' community in Dubai during the third week of April 2024. Mark your calendar for the Dubai event, where you will have the opportunity to attend and present your startup pitch to a diverse group of 25+ investors during the event in Dubai on  30th May 2024.

unique Facts

What makes 'Startup Fundraising Yatra' in Dubai' event special



Global Investors with Proven Track Records: A Diverse Range of Multinational Experts Backing Emerging Brands.

USD 2.5M

Fundraising up to 2.5 Million

Each Eligible Venture Can Secure Investments Ranging from $500K to $2.5 Million in this Remarkable Event.

30 Days

30 Days Challenge

Optimize Your Funding Timeline: Attain Capital within 30 Days through a Streamlined Process

"Ignite the Success of Your Startup".

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Features of 

two online sessions to Registered Participants for

 Dubai Event

Discover the intricacies of the Startup Fundraising Yatra's preparation and gain valuable insights at our online Orientation event. Learn how to maximize your experience & navigate the fundraising journey with confidence. What you can learn in this online live session?

Unveiling Investor's Profile

Unveiling Invested companies

Visualize Startup Pitch

Investor Expectations and Scope

Fees of Fundraising Yatra - Dubai Event 

Plan on Travel & 

Next Reviews

Journey through our Global Fundraising Success: Captivating Images from Previous Events.

Preparation for the Event.

An array of Things to Do. You will get more insights in the Online Live Orientation Event

Startup Pitch

Don't let your unique and innovative ideas go unnoticed! Often, they fail to attract potential investors due to incorrect or insufficient pitching. Avoid this pitfall by aligning your selection of action words with confidence, ensuring you secure the required funding.

Segment of Markets

This event welcomes businesses from all market segments. We encourage all types of businesses to pitch their ideas with confidence. Don't hesitate to showcase your idea here!

Make every word count

Less talk, more impact. Get straight to the point and make every word count. Cover all the essential points and thoroughly analyze both the concept and financial deliverables. Keep a keen eye on every aspect to ensure comprehensive understanding and presentation.

Know the Investors

Gain a deep understanding of the investor. Prior to the event, we will provide comprehensive guidance and detailed information on over 25 investor attendees. This will include their investment history, market interests, and more, allowing you to better prepare and align your pitch with their preferences.

Know your Mentor

Business Dhronacharya - Unlocking the Path to Startup Prosperity!

Introducing 'Business Dhronacharya' - an esteemed International Business Consultant and Startup Mentor. With a distinguished background as a BITS, Pilani alumnus, and extensive experience at WIPRO with international assignments, he now dedicates his expertise to building a prosperous Asian startup ecosystem. Connecting visionary founders with multinational angel investors and venture capitalists, let's embark on a transformative journey together! 

What do previous attendees of our event have to say...

 "Pitching my innovative business concept at the Startup Fundraising Event in Dubai was a game-changer. Thanks to Business Dhronacharya's mentorship and the opportunity to connect with potential angel investors and venture capitalists, my startup secured the funding needed for success."

- Sivaram Patil, Mumbai.

Wow! Dubai's Startup Fundraising Event was a goldmine. The caliber of angel investors and venture capitalists I met was unmatched. The connections I made at the event boosted my funding prospects and propelled my startup to new heights. I am proud to be partnered with Business Dhronacharya."

- Harish Sharma, Gurugram

"Hats off to Business Dhronacharya for organizing the Startup Fundraising Event in Kuala Lumpur. Meeting potential angel investors and venture capitalists was a game-changer for my startup. Thanks to their incredible efforts, we secured the funding necessary for growth!"

- S. Biju Nambiar, Bangalore.

 "Finding angel investors and venture capitalists was a breeze at the Startup Fundraising Event in Dubai. The event's vibrant atmosphere and top-tier attendees made it easy to pitch my startup and secure the funding needed to fuel our growth. Dubai delivered exceptional opportunities!"

- Srinivasa Achari, Coimbatore.